Much of the transformative power of therapy comes from the relationship itself. With warmth, compassion and sensitivity, I offer couples and individuals a way of experiencing themselves in a relationship that is healing. As you shed less skillful ways of being and start to embrace more of your strengths and inner wisdom, you can begin to live in a more soulful, authentic and meaningful way.

I am certified in Emotionally Focused Therapy for couples and EMDR for individuals. Humanistic-existential, transpersonal and body-centered modalities such as Hakomi also inform my work. In addition, creativity, inner-critic work and play permeate my approach with clients.

My aim is to help you bring awareness to distorted beliefs that get in the way of a truer version of yourself and to support more openness and security in your relationships.

I assist clients who are experiencing:
* Grief and loss
* Trauma and symptoms of PTSD
* Harsh inner critic
* Boundary issues
* Depression
* Anxiety and panic
* Transitions of parenthood, divorce and death of a loved one

My passion is helping people deepen a more fulfilling sense of themselves and their potential. I especially enjoy working with clients who are facing crossroads in their lives including changes in values, careers and relationships. I can help you:
• Process traumatic experiences that have become stuck
• Accept who you are now without fixing yourself
• Address the source of debilitating perfectionism
• Increase self-esteem
• Clarify boundaries in your relationships
• Work through grief
• Help heal betrayal including infidelity
• Ease anxiety
• Tap more creativity and joy in your life


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